Don’t tase me, America.
October 30, 2007, 6:15 pm
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I’m probably the last person in the whole world to see/blog about this video, but that doesn’t make it any less shocking. More shocking than the video however, is the horrifying amount of arguments over whether or not the police were within their rights to taser and arrest a student for asking somewhat incediary questions at an open college forum. Especially after respectfully THANKING Mr. Kerry (the speaker) for giving him the opportunity and for speaking.

In my opinion the essence of freedom is the ability to question authority, no matter WHAT those questions might entail. Mr. Meyer (the tasee) was within his rights under the 1st Amendment to ask the questions he did – they were straight forward and relevant to his political assessment and opinion of Mr. Kerrey. Government officials everywhere – WAKE UP and remember that you are ELECTED. Therefore your lives are subject to the scrutiny of your constituents and your candidacy is subject to the woes of public opinion. You are no longer regular citizens, free to have “time to yourself”. You are representatives of the populace and thus that much more responsible for any decisions you make whether personal or political. You are judged (or should be judged) based on what is perceived about your personal character. I will not stand with, support, or swear allegiance to a nation where a fellow constituent cannot ask bold, and difficult questions of a policymaker in office.

Furthermore for violence to be enacted against an already restrained student who verbally offered to leave the premises if the officers would “get off of him”, is simply unacceptable and ridiculous. A complete misuse of power and one more step toward fascism. Come on fellow citizens, fascism doesn’t just suddenly appear, it develops. It sneaks upon the unsuspecting and apathetic populace, pacified by false security and propaganda. And it can happen anywhere to any country at any time, if we don’t remember even recent history.

My advice: arm yourselves. Unplug from the tendrils of society. Block every move the government makes to usurp your rights and freedoms. Let’s rid ourselves of the neo-conservatives who strive to globalize us and fascize us. They aren’t conservatives at all, but agents of a bound world. They are motivated only by a lust for power. They are inherently un-American.

We do not need necessary illusions: We need Truth. Read your Bible. Read your Constitution. Stand up for yourselves and love your fellow man.

Feels Like Breakin’ Shit!?
October 26, 2007, 3:45 pm
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Ok. So I hauled out an old record I never really gave much of a thorough perusal today. I mean, I have a deep, undying love for the work of a one Matt Mahaffey. And you should, too, since you probably own something he’s appeared on, written, or put together. God forbid you actually own a Self record (watch out if you’re female). Anyhow, I decided it was time to really get into his self-released Feels Like Breakin’ Shit (1998) which is a somewhat thrown together collection of home recorded (home recorded for Matt is way above and beyond what comes to mind for most) b-sides and covers/humorous renditions of popular/overblown tunes.

It’s no wonder to me Mahaffey hails LA as his home town, just the idea behind the record has enough spit and snarl to send any over-pierced West Hollywood gutter punk running back to Brixton (or their uninformed perception of Brixton) and indeed brings me back to when I thought it was necessary to drink till I vomited and stick safety pins through my eyebrows for fun. Funnily enough, it’s pop NOT punk, but Matt’s got a way around that, too. He makes sure that his songs agitate like his idol Prince, keep the gummy-pop ears satisfactorily candied, but incorporates plenty of crushing buzzsaw synth and metal blade guitar lines to ignite the inner aggression that never goes away, unless it’s to wave signs at the nearest politikal rally. In effect Mahaffey repeatedly says, “Look, I’m louder, punchier, and just plain better than you. So fuck off.” And unfortunately for him, it’s this very nonchalant egoism in his music that simultaneously attracts and repels the listener, and has probably been the deciding factor in keeping him from the true widespread appeal and success he so desperately seeks.

Mahaffey may be one of the greatest pop composers of our time, there’s no doubt about that. He’s one of the most quintessentially under-appreciated musicians around. But his overbearing cynicism and glaring lack of humility hurt more than help his cause. Which is that we all pull our heads out of our respective bums and get with his scene. But does putting forth a mockingly perfected rendition of songs written by artists with sizeably smaller egos really deserve more than an honorable mention and coupon for tomorrow’s brunch?

But it’s good for a laugh, and that’s precisely as far as we should really take it.
As a huge fan of Mahaffey’s work I cannot wait for the day when he swallows his pride and finally delivers on the masterpiece his skills have always promised.

“Glued to the Girl”

October 25, 2007, 1:12 pm
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Check this new book action by acclaimed upstart Jerome Corsi:

A provocative and informed take on the NAFTA superhighway, SPP, and the dreade formation of the North American super-state. Yet another I told you so from us. The album will explain everything. Anyway, get read. Here’s more on the book.
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Twitterpation: The Retrn
October 25, 2007, 12:02 pm
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My real life had given my electronic life the seeming boot there. I suppose I’m glad to be back. In quotes with shrugs. I’m posting less than Annie, though, and that in itself is frightening.

I’m surprised at how difficult easy things are. And I don’t know about you folks, but I paid $11 whole dollars for the new Radiohead album. I’m still in the process of buying the new Forms because I’m broke as a jizznoke, but that is pretty much an ongoing thing. I’m told this blog will be moving to the Bang website in a few weeks. Exciting!

Oh, and yeah, I’m still in the healing process (aren’t we all?). My incisions are still very much visible, but are doing good. I’m taking pain medicine as needed – you’d be surprised how much you need it after having something as seemingly insignificant as a single organ removed. I’m trying to stave off falling too much in love with it, though. I’m down to like a pill a day. Yay. The one downside is that since I can’t ride my bike for another two weeks, I’m pretty much immobile.

The album is stress stress stress. God, oh loving Creator and giver of Peace I pray rest, peace, and clarity of mind over this project. You have blessed us, like yourself, with the ability to create new things, to birth children of our own through the effort of our imagination and hands, and I praise you for it. Please send the next throng of those whom you’ve chosen to cross our path, we have faith that through your will and glory we’ll be carried through. Accomplish your will in us, oh God. Keep us with provision and open our hearts to your doors of solution. The universe was created and orchestrated by you, living God, and we ask that we be able to move in sync with your plan and not against it. Thank you Jesus for the sacrifice of yourself which inspires us to sacrifice our selves for your glory. Holy God, your universe is the product of vast and ongoing change, change and manipulate our hearts, Lord, guide us into our next steps. In Jesus name, Amen.

Now everyone pray that for us. Please? Seriously though, we’re at the brink brink brink. It’s crazy. Jitters fill us in anticipation. The wall is cracked and bleeding and folding day by day, hour by hour the levees come closer to collapse. Bring the flood, bring the collapse. Let these temporary stumbling blocks be defeated once and for all. We’ve done about all the testing we’ve needed to. We’re waiting on shipments of fiberglass. We’re so hopped up on this that we’ll probably have all the treatment we need built in a day or two. Then guitars, then who knows?

We still need a violin, clarinet, and 3 singers. Takers?

Sasquatch alive!
October 5, 2007, 1:22 pm
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So, while you’re dead asleep last night, Scott calls me up at 2:30 am. I was up reading the latest issue of TapeOp! (yeeah!), which is an ultra-informative recording magazine full of nerdy articles about stuff like parallel compression and cleaning tape machine heads. He’s like, “Hey man, God gave me something to give to you.” And I’m like, “What?” half expecting it to be something I might not be immediately excited about. So he says, “I got you a best friend, I picked up this little gray-striped cat which I named Sasquatch for you.” I used to call his cat, Santo, “Sasquatch” all the time. So he delivered my little bundle of joy this morning and we went out and straight up got all kinds of toys: scratching pad and ball, mice on strings, obligatory cat crap like food and litter, balls of yarn, cat house etc. I LOVE cats, and SASQUATCH IS THE COOLEST. He’s about a month old, totally chilled out, has claws, digs playing and laying around with me and we’ve been hanging out all day. I gave him some warm milk when we got home to help him get acclimated to the environment, and he’s been digging on me ever since. I’m really excited. I’ve never seriously had my own pet before, and I’ve been a bit lonely in my apartment lately, so he’s a welcome addition. I am happy. Except that I have to work late tonight because I spent so much time hanging out with Sassypants McGee. Yikes.

All I need now is a digital camera.