Premiumville, USA.
May 25, 2008, 1:54 pm
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Today’s temperature is skyrocketing fast.

I had a decent amount of Marshal time last night. Came away with a few righteous new pairs of shoes as part of the distribution of a hoarder’s shoe collection who is now in counseling. Pray for dude, and pray for me that he doesn’t find me with his shoes on and beat me down. So it goes. We talked mainly of a practical way to convert Mars into a habitable planet. It seemed doable up until we both realized that the planet lacks a strong magnetic field, and would just be constantly leaking atmosphere into open space. Bummer. How does one magnetize the core of an entire planet? You could use a force-field, but that’s a huge liability, some crazy could turn it off and vent the whole population. I proposed finding a big metal comet and slamming it into the planet, but that could have all kinds of negative repercussions. Oh well.

Now is the time to pay the penance because I’ve lived too long without certain beauty.

When I get to heaven I’m going to find me a girl and we’re going to lay on our backs in the field and watch the clouds for some millennia. Thank you, Jesus.

April 30, 2008, 10:06 am
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Man, what I wouldn’t give to get my hands on those eyes. Right?
These types of stories are always pretty exciting for me as this creature remained a big cultural myth (like the Yeti) until only less then a century ago. It blows my mind and gives me hope to think that even in our super-advanced post-millennium world, we still haven’t poked and prodded our way through every last bit of mystery that surrounds us. Of course it would be in New Zealand, it’s like Lord of the Rings down there.

The tipping point.
April 19, 2008, 4:15 pm
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Right now I am standing in victory, but on the edge of a knife. I have the choice to look back, to wallow. I will not! Not even if my proverbial ass is on fire.

I cannot shirk my destiny any longer even though I do not fully understand it. Please Lord, speak to my heart of hearts. Guide me.

I am sanctified in Christ. My will is yours, Lord. Teach me the art of practice and action in all things. Build me with integrity. Continually redeem my shaky steps and my confused hands.

I don’t understand this at all. Lord, help me to understand!

“Pray, give secretly, hope, and live in your promise. When you accept My destiny you make a covenant to walk into it. To look away is to embrace blindness. To stop moving is to invite peril. To seek escape is to rebel against the very nature I’ve created in you. Things which are not can only be if there is faith to walk in their reality while they yet remain unknown.”

Woah. Praise God.

I’m not sure if you’ll ever read this, but part of that is about you. It makes me want to erase my past, but my past is what it is. It has helped to shape me into something for you. I don’t know how much time this is going to take or how anything will happen. All I’m going to do is what’s written above. The only fact I do know about it, is that it includes sewing into your ministry. I will also cover you with prayer. You know my ministry, and I would appreciate it if you would do the same regardless of how you feel. Don’t take this lightly, there is so much power in that for both of us. Also, remember this: What you desire is being provided for you, but not on your terms. It’s coming to you at great price, so make sure you’re in thankful prayer about it. That’s all.

One more thing, don’t stay in. You’ll know when the time comes. Be there.

One MORE thing, and this just occurred to me to say. Don’t think I don’t know and appreciate the price being paid on your end. This is big stuff. I know my prayers have been answered – and yours as well.

Exploding Harder.
March 21, 2008, 1:45 pm
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I definitely “feel” too much. I’ve got to stop that.

It’s better to live “in motion”. Stagnancy is like a boa constrictor round my neck. Life has been coaxed into the boat and is now moving to a new place. I’ve been attending a group on Tuesday nights to help with what is dubbed my “obsessive trait”. Thank you Jesus for hooking it up, because HELP is indeed being poured out upon me like sweet molasses. I feel like a new man, my whole life is affected. I have power over my own insanity. And that’s what it is, the old doing something repeatedly and expecting different results dance. So over it! Heavenly Father, my power comes from You and You only. You feed me, clothe me, give me the strength I need to dust myself off and walk toward the road of significance. You’re the reed that sticks out of the cliff side that I grapple with one hand, tummy in throat, eagles braying in the background like ghosts.

Jobs, school, CAR? I’m starting to wonder about the validity of actually getting a car. Whether I can look at the possibility as a good investment from any angle now. Gas prices stare me down from their metal nests upon the roadside every 15 meters or so. The cheaper place is the rare bird. The diamond in the rough! Oh, I so got Aladdin on you just then, but dig it, there’s no real way out. Someone’s got to say, “Alright.” and have a collapse. It’s us. Can’t we get it over with? I mean, how do you justify having a car? It’s thrice as expensive as it once was, not to mention (in reality) it’s a completely depreciating asset. There’s no logical merit to owning a motorized vehicle anymore. I’m not trying to rationalize not having one, mind you. It sucks, I’m stuck. People judge me. Whatever. But let’s look at the figures: gas will continue to increase until (within the next few years) people are unable to afford driving and it becomes a luxury once again. Car technology (apart from oil reliance) is going faster than the consumer can keep up with (like computers) and your car will not only be worth considerably less from a resale standpoint when you drive it off the lot, but will be significantly outdated as well. Cars are also”designed” to experience malfunctions after certain periods in order to help stimulate the part replacement and mechanic industry, and they still require investments in other fluids to run which yield no return. It’s like we’re all crazy. I think the biggest sign that we as “post-moderns” have lost our way is that we regard cars as mandatory for existence. Indeed, cities are planned and designed based on the idea that most people have units of motorized transportation. It’s alright to think this way about housing, because housing is a winning monetary investment in almost all cases, as is owning land. AUTOMOBILES ARE MONEY PITS AND ARE QUICKLY BECOMING INACCESSIBLE TO EVEN THE LOWER MIDDLE CLASS. WAKE UP.

That is only one point of my frustration on that issue, because I still feel like I need one to be socially accepted. See?

In other news, my cat MUST be neutered as soon as possible. He’s begun to mount my arm while I sleep. This can’t happen. I’m not that kind of guy. Who knew I’d desire $58 so much? I am nowhere near being a father. I’m already frustrated that my cat costs so much.

No Country For Old Men looms at the dollar theater, tempting me with its cheapness. I will probably bike it down there this week (Oh, how fun! Feel the novelty!. Car(e) to join me?

Lastly, I will close with a moment of clarity. Life is a dangerous and cantankerous business. We are increasingly separated from our fellow men and women. Remember, the buildings around you are full of people. These people are troubled. They are your brothers and sisters. They are your counterparts in reality, and indeed all you’ll ever really have. You won’t live on in the memory of your possessions, but in the memory of others and in God. And GOD LOVES YOU. GOD LOVES YOU. GOD LOVES YOU. Which is something even your troubled brothers and sisters can’t always promise.

Simple times.
March 6, 2008, 1:22 am
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McCain won the Republican nomination, which sucks, and means I probably won’t be able to vote this election either.

I have learned the secret art of using DART.

There is a very good chance I’ll have my old job back at Diesel by next week. If not, I think I have a position at American Apparel.  Thank you Jesse.  I’m going to pay off my credit debt, go back to school, get a new computer, and buy a car. THIS year.

It’s official. I am married to Bangarang. I’ll worry about my love life when I get to Heaven, cause then it’ll all work out perfectly.


You’re screwed, here’s how.
December 6, 2007, 6:21 pm
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Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank?  The Fed is owned by seven commercial banks of which four are controlled by the Rothschilds of London.  The assertion has been made that the Rothschilds are experts in governmental and international finance and banking and that they are best qualified to operate our banking system and that they do so at reasonable cost to the American taxpayer.  Is that true?

When the Fed dumps $1.6 trillion into the U.S. economy through the purchase of T-Bills and Bonds from the U.S. Treasury to fund just the invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, that results under a fractional reserve banking system in an increase in the money supply of about $12.8 trillion.  If we have not had a corresponding increase in GDP (we are probably incurring a contraction of 15% at the current time), the result is inflation (estimated at 20% currently by Ron Paul during his questioning of Fed Chairman Bernanke at a recent congressional hearing).  The term used to describe a period during which both economic contraction (also known as a recession) and inflation occur simultaneously is stagflation which last occurred in the 1970s.

If the average consumer doesn’t receive a increase in income corresponding to the rate of inflation and does not have sufficient disposable income to absorb the increased cost of living, he or she must either dip into savings or take on consumer debt.  While the U.S. had a savings rate of -3.1% (that is negative 3.1% meaning that the average consumer was de-capitalizing) last year, the rate of de-capitalization is probably much higher at this time.  So the average consumer is getting screwed.

But what about the Fed?  It buys that $1.6 trillion in currency from the U.S. Treasury at about $0.0003 per dollar (a thousand dollar bill costs essentially the same as a twenty dollar bill).  The Fed then buys $1.6 trillion in T-Bills and U.S. Government Bonds from the U.S. Treasury.

Lets see now.  The Fed spent a whopping $500 million or so to buy $1.6 trillion in currency.  Until that currency is in circulation it is only worth the $500 million the Fed paid for it.  But the second the Fed buys the T-Bills and Bonds, that currency is suddenly worth $1.6 trillion.  From an accounting viewpoint, the Fed will then have a revenue item on their income statement of $1.6 trillion and an expense item of $500 million. On their balance sheet they would have an asset item of $1.6 trillion.  With no offsetting liability item, owners equity just increased by $1.6 trillion.  The Rothschilds just got wealthier and we, you and I, got poorer.

What about the $500 million expense item on the Feds income statement?  The 4% interest on that $1.6 trillion in debt that our government assumed on our behalf is $64 billion per year or about $22 million per hour, every hour of every day, every day of every year.  So, one day of interest paid by us through the taxes we pay covered the $500 million cost to the Fed for the purchase of the currency.

But we still must continue to pay the Fed $22 million per hour, every hour of every day, every day of every year until the debt is repaid which is not in the foreseeable future.  So you and I are now indentured by our government to continue to make the Rothschilds richer presumably forever.

Will the government increase our taxes to pay that debt service?  They already have.  Dont you remember voting for the increase?  Probably not as we did not get a chance to vote on it.  While the Alternative Minimum Tax brackets were not so indexed, normal income tax brackets are supposed to be indexed by the rate of inflation so that inflation does not push us into higher tax brackets.   If inflation were 3% and you were able to achieve an increase in income of a corresponding 3%, you would not pay a higher percentage rate of tax as the brackets would have been indexed up by the inflation rate.  If you get an increase of more than the 3% inflation rate, then you might pay a higher rate of tax on some portion of the increase.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics seems to have borrowed a page out of the Enron corporate operating manual as they are reporting that inflation is currently running at only 3% or so and yet the cost of food has been inflating at 26% this year, energy at 15+%, healthcare at 13%, etc.  As noted above, Ron Paul, during his questioning of Bernanke, indicated that MZM seemed to substantiate that we are currently experiencing an inflation rate of 20%.  If we are experiencing an inflation rate of 20% or so, but the IRS is only indexing the tax rates by the 3% reported by BLS, you will pay a higher tax rate on any increase in income you achieve in excess of 3% and you must achieve more than 20% in increased income just to stay even.  So we are or will pay higher taxes.

If you are wondering whether the Fed has other expenses that would consume their windfall profits, they don’t.  The member banks claim they are lending the expertise of their bankers as members of the board of governors as a service to the U.S. government and, to keep the costs of operation of the Fed as low as possible, negotiated that the U.S. government own and maintain all facilities of the Federal Reserve System, and pay the salaries of all of the employees and all operating costs of the Federal Reserve System.  While the Fed does incur some cost in replacing worn out or damaged currency, the cost is minimal.

What level of investment did the seven commercial banks originally make (i.e. how much did they pay for their shares in the stock of the Federal Reserve)?  While a price per share was established and checks drawn on the seven commercial banks were submitted, there is no evidence that actual movement of money ever occurred, but the stock was transferred to the seven commercial banks anyway.

If the Fed spends less than 1% of assets on operations but is receiving 4% per year in debt service revenues, where is the other 3+% going?  The Fed pays an annual dividend of 3% per year to the stockholders.  That is how the Rothschilds actually receive the monies that you and I will be paying them, forever, unless we do something about it.

The question is, do you think we need to do something about it or do you feel that the Federal Reserve System is providing a valuable service to you at a reasonable cost.  If you think the latter is the case, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss a similar arrangement under which you could make my mortgage payment for me.

The only person running for the Presidency that is even talking about doing something about the Federal Reserve System is Ron Paul.  We must get these facts out to everyone we know and urge that they vote for Ron Paul not only in the general election but also in the primary.

Taken from an email sent by Clyde Goodnight.

Twitterpation: The Retrn
October 25, 2007, 12:02 pm
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My real life had given my electronic life the seeming boot there. I suppose I’m glad to be back. In quotes with shrugs. I’m posting less than Annie, though, and that in itself is frightening.

I’m surprised at how difficult easy things are. And I don’t know about you folks, but I paid $11 whole dollars for the new Radiohead album. I’m still in the process of buying the new Forms because I’m broke as a jizznoke, but that is pretty much an ongoing thing. I’m told this blog will be moving to the Bang website in a few weeks. Exciting!

Oh, and yeah, I’m still in the healing process (aren’t we all?). My incisions are still very much visible, but are doing good. I’m taking pain medicine as needed – you’d be surprised how much you need it after having something as seemingly insignificant as a single organ removed. I’m trying to stave off falling too much in love with it, though. I’m down to like a pill a day. Yay. The one downside is that since I can’t ride my bike for another two weeks, I’m pretty much immobile.

The album is stress stress stress. God, oh loving Creator and giver of Peace I pray rest, peace, and clarity of mind over this project. You have blessed us, like yourself, with the ability to create new things, to birth children of our own through the effort of our imagination and hands, and I praise you for it. Please send the next throng of those whom you’ve chosen to cross our path, we have faith that through your will and glory we’ll be carried through. Accomplish your will in us, oh God. Keep us with provision and open our hearts to your doors of solution. The universe was created and orchestrated by you, living God, and we ask that we be able to move in sync with your plan and not against it. Thank you Jesus for the sacrifice of yourself which inspires us to sacrifice our selves for your glory. Holy God, your universe is the product of vast and ongoing change, change and manipulate our hearts, Lord, guide us into our next steps. In Jesus name, Amen.

Now everyone pray that for us. Please? Seriously though, we’re at the brink brink brink. It’s crazy. Jitters fill us in anticipation. The wall is cracked and bleeding and folding day by day, hour by hour the levees come closer to collapse. Bring the flood, bring the collapse. Let these temporary stumbling blocks be defeated once and for all. We’ve done about all the testing we’ve needed to. We’re waiting on shipments of fiberglass. We’re so hopped up on this that we’ll probably have all the treatment we need built in a day or two. Then guitars, then who knows?

We still need a violin, clarinet, and 3 singers. Takers?

Sasquatch alive!
October 5, 2007, 1:22 pm
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So, while you’re dead asleep last night, Scott calls me up at 2:30 am. I was up reading the latest issue of TapeOp! (yeeah!), which is an ultra-informative recording magazine full of nerdy articles about stuff like parallel compression and cleaning tape machine heads. He’s like, “Hey man, God gave me something to give to you.” And I’m like, “What?” half expecting it to be something I might not be immediately excited about. So he says, “I got you a best friend, I picked up this little gray-striped cat which I named Sasquatch for you.” I used to call his cat, Santo, “Sasquatch” all the time. So he delivered my little bundle of joy this morning and we went out and straight up got all kinds of toys: scratching pad and ball, mice on strings, obligatory cat crap like food and litter, balls of yarn, cat house etc. I LOVE cats, and SASQUATCH IS THE COOLEST. He’s about a month old, totally chilled out, has claws, digs playing and laying around with me and we’ve been hanging out all day. I gave him some warm milk when we got home to help him get acclimated to the environment, and he’s been digging on me ever since. I’m really excited. I’ve never seriously had my own pet before, and I’ve been a bit lonely in my apartment lately, so he’s a welcome addition. I am happy. Except that I have to work late tonight because I spent so much time hanging out with Sassypants McGee. Yikes.

All I need now is a digital camera.

Tele-voyeurism: culprit FBI.
July 20, 2007, 4:51 pm
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Hi, my name is Randy and I’m here today distributing sound-proof cell phone boxes.

Band blog 20005?
July 15, 2007, 3:06 am
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All I wan do is go to Arkansaw and track guitars please. Feedback screech in yer brain!
I also want to drink from the waters of Lake Minnatonka.
That can’t be spelled correctly.